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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Leopard Update + Little Necessities for Mac Switchers

Leopard finally arrived after I sent my "Up-to-Date" form in 3 weeks ago. The Up To Date program is Apple's way of letting the people who purchased their Macs, a few weeks before the Leopard release, receive a copy for only the cost of shipping.

I really should not complain about the time for shipping considering it only cost me 9 bucks.

Regardless I made my purchase specifically before the release because I wanted to make sure that if anything went fishy with Leopard that I would at least still have a copy of Tiger. 2 weeks later...and many positive reports (the negatives seeming to come from people running Leopard on older machines or complaining about silly appearance issues) I decided to take the plunge and install last night.

I was scared.

There were plenty of clunking noises, periods of time when nothing happened, but magically after an hour and a half the machine was restarting and I was officially in the land of Leopard. I immediately started clicking around on all of my applications anticipating problems only to find that everything worked. I switched over to cover flow in the finder and zipped through picture files and pdf's and with the click of the space bar I was able to see larger versions. This is much better than having to start the application in order to see the file. The videos and audio files played nicely as well. All in all I know that I am not sharing anything earth shattering, but it worked for me and that is something I can not say about Vista on our other laptop.

Overall Impression= Quite pleased.

As far as the "switcher" tip. From what I understand the term switcher refers to those who make a switch from one OS to another OS. One feature I was extremely use to using on a PC is ye olde right click. Now I know that a regular mouse with right click works on the Mac, and I know that when you hold down Cmd and hit the trackpad bar that works too. With a little digging I discovered the need to go into the the System Preferences windows and play with the settings. Posted below is an image of my little discovery (something I am sure all Mac users will giggle at me for, but I was pretty darn happy when I found it).

Now with a little double touch (two finger tip tap) of the track pad I have myself the the right click functionality I was so use to on the PC. Let me just say that I am officially full of glee. Little discoveries like these make my day and little frustrations like these can certainly turn someone off to something that they are not familiar with. I hope my tip helps mac "newbs" like myself.

One little thing I like about Leopard that not many people are talking about....

The Apple at the top. It is a new sleek black.

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