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Monday, September 3, 2007

Bookmarks Meme

Alice Mercer just tagged me for the bookmarks meme. I shall share with you the last 6 entries on my bookmarking list (you can see these on my sidebar, unless you follow via an RSS reader). All of these come directly from my account.

Here they are!

ForgeFX- Eclipses and Moon Phases - A 3D simulation that allows the student to control and interact with solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and the different phases of the moon. This pairs nicely with my other favorite space simulation.

The Atrocious Apostrophe's Flickr Collection
- A hearty collection of images portraying poor grammar.

The "Quotation Mark" Abuse Flickr Collection - Related to the group mentioned above.

Grammar Bytes! - Comma splices and fused sentences!

Math Cats: Naming Large Numbers - How do you say/write 1,243,640,975,123,890,211? Just input any number and see how to write it. This site will go together perfectly with the Mega Penny Project.

Google Maps Transparencies- A nifty little mash-up of Map View and Satellite View. A site that I feel is much better than this one, which I demonstrate a lot to fellow teachers, would be Flash Earth.

Now I shall pass it on to these lucky contestants...

S P1000961 R R DSC01554.JPG

(To be determined very soon, I am a meme newbie so please forgive me.)

*Images Courtesy of Flickr and Spell with Flickr.

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