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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zoho Writer using Google Gears!

This morning Zoho announced that their writer service will start providing users the ability to access their online writer files offline! I have used Google Gears for viewing my Google Reader feeds offline, and I am very excited about Zoho moving towards using Google Gears with the rest of their applications.

"We are taking our first steps towards offering Zoho Writer offline. With this update, you’ll now be able to access all your documents offline (Mac or PC) in read-only mode. We will offer offline editing capabilities in the coming weeks."- Zoho Blog

The ironic part of this story is how Zoho, a competitor/threat to the Google Documents service, is using Google open source technology to power their newest feature. I am pleased by Zoho's recognition of Google's efforts towards providing offline content. The question is now, how long till Google uses Google Gears with their Documents service?

Since the video is so tiny, you can view the screencast here.


Professional Development Resources said...

Just listed you as a mover and shaker in education to watch in my admin PD class at . ;-)


M. Circe said...

Thank you so much Karen! I replied to your email about the Yahoo gobbler. Check your Yahoo email. The Superglu site you mentioned looks really cool, I need to check it out!