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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Knowledge Sharing with Tags

A well done screencast on what exactly "tagging" is. This resource is very useful to those who are just starting out with social bookmarking sites, photo sharing sites, and blogging.

Knowledge Sharing with Tags

Friday, July 27, 2007

Creative Commons Video

Copyright becomes a crucial issue as soon as someone begins to create content on the web. This video is a nice tool for helping others understand creative commons and copyright.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

RSS in Plain English Video

An excellent, super easy to understand, explanation of RSS. For me RSS feeds are a HUGE time saver. As far as RSS readers I am a big fan of Bloglines. I use Google Reader and Netvibes as well but until they both improve their mobile phone versions I will stick with Bloglines for collecting all of my incoming news and blog posts!

The creators of the "Common Craft Show" also have a great little video titled "Wikis in Plain English". Check it out!

Yahoo! for Teachers

Early in July I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to New York City to take part in a Yahoo! for Teachers workshop where they introduced us to the soon to be released Yahoo! for Teachers website. Collected with me were educators from throughout the tri-state area looking to learn more about the new service Yahoo! is creating. I must say that I was extremely impressed with the Yahoo! teachers site. As mentioned, on the launch announcement website, this service is a "peer network designed by and for teachers." The ability to develop lessons and units using their well thought out tools is simply fantastic. I look forward to sharing what I can with my fellow teachers this fall and hopefully with Yahoo's permission incorporate them into the testing phase. I will add more insight later on about the tools (Project building, "Gobbler", Peer-State/Grade Level sharing), and since everything is still in development and private testing I will leave you to be filled with suspense! Here is an informational video about Yahoo! for Teachers!

Bill Scott wrote a nice blog entry "Yahoo! Teachers and the Yahoo! Gobbler" that includes some photos as well as a video of the site in action.

Document vs. Web Document Image from

A nice representation highlighting the wonderful aspects of using web documents. is certainly worth a try, as well as Google Documents.

Excellent Resource Wiki

Only a few minutes ago I posted a Youtube video uploaded by Dean Shareski. He has created a wonderful resource wiki for educators which explains a lot of the tools on the net that can be utilized for collaboration, professional development, and even implementation in the classroom. Here is the link!

Telling the New Story

Thanks to Dean Shareski for this video.

Using Teacher Tube Video

Teacher Tube Video for RSS Feeds